Pip Platform Privacy Policy

Last updated on 30 June 2022

The Pip Platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform”, “we” or “us”) allows its users (hereinafter referred to as “the Users” or “you”) to trade in digital assets (“Digital Assets”) and also provides other services related to Digital Assets (the “Services”). This privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) explains how we collect, use, process, disclose, share, transfer, and protect the Users’ personal information (“Personal Information”) obtained through the access and usage of the Platform. For convenience, you and us are hereby collectively referred to as “both Parties” and individually as “each Party”.

We fully understand and respect the importance of your Personal Information to you, and we will adopt corresponding appropriate safety protection measures to protect your Personal Information in accordance with the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations. In view of this, this Policy is formulated to inform you of your rights with respect to the processing of your Personal Information. We will not use your personal information for any purpose not covered in this Policy without prior notification to you and/or your consent.

This Policy applies to all the Services on the Platform. You shall read this Policy carefully before using the Platform and seek independent legal advice, if necessary. If you do not agree with or understand this Policy, please do not use or access the Services. By using the Services, you shall be deemed to have acknowledged, understood, and agreed to bound by and consent in full to the Policy, including any modifications to this Policy from time to time.

How we Collect and Use your Information

We collect certain Personal Information from you when you create an Account on the Platform. Where you are an individual, we may collect, including, but not limited to, your:
(i) full name;
(ii) address (and permanent address if it differs from your address). Your address (or permanent address) shall be verified in the manner prescribed by us;
(iii) proof of Address Documents, including bank, brokerage, and/or credit card statements, utility bills, mortgage statements, and/or property tax statements;
(iv) valid email address;
(v) date of birth;
(vi) nationality;
(vii) identification information such as your driver’s license number, Social Security or Identification number, Passport number or other government-issued identification documents;
(viii) photographs of you with your identification documents;
(ix) copies of your official identification documents, including passports, identify cards (both front and back) and/or other identification documents issued by the relevant authorities;
(x) other information that we may request or obtain from you from time to time, If you log in using Google authorization, we will store your Google OpenID and email address exclusively for the purpose of creating your account. Rest assured that we will not share your Google information with any other platforms.

How we Use Cookies

When you use the Services, we may use data files called cookies (“Cookies”) which are stored on your device. We use Cookies to recognise you as a user of the Platform, collect information about your use of the Services, to customise the Services for your use and to collect information about your device.

How we Protect your Information

We adopt various measures to protect the Confidential Information (“Protective Measures”). Such measures include:
(i) physical measures, such as ensuring the Confidential Information is stored in a secure facility;
(ii) electronic measures, such as implementing strict access requirements for access to the Confidential Information;
(iii) management measures, such as setting up an internal department for the protection of the Confidential Systems, implementing internal controls to ensure only the relevant employees are permitted to access the Confidential Information and training to ensure the relevant employees know how to deal with the Confidential Information;
(iv) security measures, such as using security technology and management systems to minimise the risk that the Confidential Information would be disclosed, damaged, misused and/or accessed without proper authorisation. When storing and transmitting the Personal Information, we shall adopt measures such as encryption to protect the Personal Information; and
(v) other measures, such as a periodic review of the procedures and technology used to protect the Confidential Information.

How You Manage Your Information

Subject to applicable laws, rules and regulations, you may do the following with regards to your Personal Information (“Management Request”):
(i) obtain a copy of your Personal Information upon request;
(ii) determine whether your Personal Information is up to date and accurate;
(iii) subject to our consent, the deletion of your Personal Information;
(iv) grant or withdraw your authorisation for us to process your Personal Information;
(v) object to the processing of your Personal Information.

How to Contact Us

For any questions in relation to this Policy, you may contact us at pip@pipcounts.com